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Cruise Ship in Siera Leone

Submitted by the Hon Memunatu Pratt, MTCA

Photos of the visit of a Cruise Ship to Sierra Leone with tourists from 15 different Nationalities berthed in the morning hours on Friday 21st April 2023 at the Queen Elizabeth the Second Quay.

The tourists will visit key sites in Freetown among others, the Old Fourah Bay College, the Railway Museum, National Museum, Peace and Cultural Monument, , Cotton Tree etc with the trip ending with a leisure and recreational experience of one of our splendid white sandy beach at Tokeh.

The tourism sector continues to make inroads in attracting tourists from different parts of the world.


Special thanks to H.E. the President and his astute and proactive Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs for such exemplary leadership in making Sierra Leone a preferred tourist destination.

Special thanks to the ground handling agency VSL for facilitating the tour.

Mohamed Jallob
Director of Tourism
Sierra Leone

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