Popular Yachting Destinations for 2024

Popular Yachting Destinations for 2024
Popular Yachting Destinations for 2024

A yacht charter company, Dream Yacht Worldwide (DYW), shared some destinations and new itineraries that the sea-vacation company forecasts as being popular among travelers this year: those with no sailing experience and sailing vacations for sailors!

On the list: St. Martin; Seychelles; and Thailand. All three destinations have proven to be so popular among travelers that Dream Yacht offers by-the-cabin options, fully-crewed (private boat with captain), plus bareboat (no crew needed for seasoned sailors).

St. Martin: Multiple vacations and less crowds in one trip – perfect for spring break and summer sailings, plus St. Barts on a budget.
After the British Islands, St. Martin is Dream Yacht’s most popular sailing destination in the Caribbean and now the company is sending even more boats (16 total) to St. Martin in 2024. Last year, the company saw a 40% increase in inquiries for St. Martin sails. St. Martin is one of the few destinations where travelers can have 3 totally different island experiences in one trip: St. Martin, St. Barts, and Anguilla. While travelers can access these islands when visiting St. Martin, a yacht charter adds more flexibility and the ability to access the most pristine islands and beaches which can only be reached by small boats. Without a boat, travelers are limited to crowded ferries and restrictive schedules while exploring these islands – with Dream Yacht, you travel on your own time. Read more on sailing from St. Martin to St. Barts here. Plus, you can visit St. Barts on a budget with Dream Yacht’s St. Barth Dream Premium 2024 cabin cruise.

Long trips in Thailand

Exploring Thailand by sea is one of the best ways to explore one of the most beautiful places in the world. While Dream Yacht offers sailors and non-sailors several ways to explore Thailand, DYW also makes it easy for people who want the adventure of Thailand without the planning process. Dream Yacht’s Phuket Dream Premium 2024 8 days, 7 nights itinerary is always one of its most popular by-the-cabin itineraries for adventurers. Due to traveler interest and demand in the area, Dream Yacht now offers an even longer by-the-cabin option in Thailand. New this year, Dream Yacht launched a longer Thailand vacation, Dream Yacht’s Andaman Dream Premium 2024. This new sailing by-the-cabin itinerary is an 11 days, 10 nights getaway through the Andaman sea. This specially designed itinerary includes stops at sought-after islands and towns like Kho Phanak, the Kho Phi Phi Islands, Kho Lanta, and more. Learn more about discovering Thailand by yacht here with a complete overview of the experience here.

No one sails Seychelles better

Dream Yacht began its first yacht charters in Seychelles (the company launched in 2000). And for good reason, as it’s one of the most beautiful places on the planet, comprising 41 of the earth’s oldest granite islands and 74 low-lying reef islands which embody the phrase ‘tropical paradise’. There’s no place better for seasoned sailors, travelers looking for even more adventure and destinations, and even first-time sea vacation travelers. Dream Yacht booked almost 1,000 trips in Seychelles in 2023 and expect continued interest in the new year. Having sailed Seychelles for 24 years, Dream Yacht’s team and crew knows the best locations, off-shore experiences, and everything travelers need to know about Seychelles and its beautiful sailing experiences.

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